Victory at Entebbe

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Victory at Entebbe ★★½ 1976

An all-star cast in a made-for-TV movie that aired within five months of the actual July 4, 1976, incident in which the PLO hijacked an Air France flight with a number of Israeli and Jewish passengers aboard. Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Perez go into action to put a military rescue team together while the plane sits on the tarmac at the Entebbe airport in Uganda, which is under the control of bombastic dictator Idi Amin. 119m/C VHS . Helmut Berger, Theodore Bikel, Linda Blair, Kirk Douglas, Richard Dreyfuss, Stefan Gierasch, David Groh, Julius W. Harris, Helen Hayes, Anthony Hopkins, Burt Lancaster, Christian Marquand, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Walter, Harris Yulin; D: Marvin J. Chomsky; W: Ernest Kinoy; C: Jim Kilgore; M: Charles Fox. TV