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Uncorked ★★½ At Sachem Farm; Higher Love 1998 (PG)

British expats gather together in Simi Valley, California to essentially drive each other crazy. Ross (Sewell) is visiting his family in order to close a deal on selling some rare wines so he can get the money to support another getrichquick scheme. But he's thwarted by his eccentric Uncle Cullen (Hawthorne) who wants Ross to do something he passionately believes in (which happens to be music). Ross also has a reclusive, nutty brother Paul (Rodgers), and then there's his snooty girlfriend Kendal (Driver) who really wants her exboyfriend, Tom (Sporleder) back. It's predictable but pleasant. 95m/C VHS, DVD . Rufus Sewell, Nigel Hawthorne, Minnie Driver, Michael E. Rodgers, Gregory Sporleder, Amelia Heinle, Keone Young; D: John Huddles; W: John Huddles; C: Mark Vicente; M: Jeff Danna.