Town without Pity

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Town without Pity ★★½ Stadt ohne Mitleid 1961

Though the subject of this courtroom drama remains far too timely, its treatment is dated in some key scenes. Of course, being 40 years old will do that to a movie. In 1960, four American GIs (Blake, Jaeckel, Sutton, Sondock) stationed in Germany are accused of raping a local girl, Karin (Kaufmann). Lawyer Steve Garrett (Douglas) is brought in to defend them and elects to put the young woman on trial and on the stand. Gripping courtroom tale never fails to deliver dramatic punch. Based on the Manfred Gregor novel “The Verdict.” Gene Pitney had his biggest hit with the Academy Awardnominated title song. 103m/B VHS, DVD . GE Kirk Douglas, E.G. Marshall, Robert (Bobby) Blake, Richard Jaeckel, Frank Sutton, Alan Gifford, Barbara Rutting, Christine Kaufmann, Mal Sondock; D: Gottfried Reinhardt; W: Silvia Reinhardt, Georg Hurdalek; C: Kurt Hasse; M: Dimitri Tiomkin. Golden Globes ‘61: Song (“Town without Pity”).