Townsend Hall, Brenda P.

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ADDRESSES: Home—Au Village, Ansan, 32270, France. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Novelist.

MEMBER: World Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America (president of local chapter), Association of Electronically Published Romance Authors.


Where's Michelle?, RFI West Inc., 2000.

Without a Clue, RFI West Inc., 2002.

WORK IN PROGRESS: A mystery series set in Great Britain with the principal female protagonist from Los Vegas and the principal male character a member of British CID.

SIDELIGHTS: Brenda P. Townsend Hall told CA: "My primary motivation for writing is a compelling need to create. I love British mysteries—especially those with continuing characters—as well as TV police drama, and cop/lawyer shows such as Law and Order. My writing process always starts with a simple 'What if?' and grows from there. When I first started writing, I wrote straight romance novels. Now, I'm more interested in creating complicated mystery or suspense plots. I continue to have a certain amount of romance in my work, but it's no longer the main ingredient. In fact, the first book in the series I'm currently working on will not end 'happily ever after.'"