Titanic 1996

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Titanic ★½ 1996 (PG-13)

Dull and draggy TV version of the 1912 tragedy between the luxury liner and an iceberg that resulted in the deaths of more than 1000 passengers. There are the usual romantic subplots, villains, and heroes, and Scott is properly noble as the veteran captain making his last voyage before retirement. Otherwise you've seen this many times before. 165m/C VHS, DVD . George C. Scott, Peter Gallagher, Catherine ZetaJones, Eva Marie Saint, Tim Curry, Roger Rees, Harley Jane Kozak, Marilu Henner, Felicity Waterman, Scott Hylands, Kevin McNulty, Malcolm Stewart; D: Robert Lieberman; W: Ross LaManna, Joyce Eliason; C: David Hennings; M: Lennie Niehaus.