The Thomas Crown Affair 1968

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The Thomas Crown Affair ★★★ Thomas Crown and Company; The Crown Caper 1968 (R)

A multi-millionaire (McQueen) decides to plot and execute the perfect theft, a daring daylight robbery of a bank. Dunaway is the gorgeous and efficient insurance investigator determined to nab him. One of the best visual scenes is the chess match between the two as they begin to fall in love. Strong production with Oscar-winning theme “The Windmills of Your Mind.” The Windmills of Your Mind. 102m/C VHS, DVD . Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Jack Weston, Yaphet Kotto, Gordon Pinsent; D: Norman Jewison; W: Alan R. Trustman; C: Haskell Wexler. Oscars ‘68: Song (“The Windmills of Your Mind”); Golden Globes ‘69: Song (“The Windmills of Your Mind”).