The Three Lives of Karen

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The Three Lives of Karen ★★½ 1997 (PG-13)

Thriller finds Karen Winthrop (O'Grady) engaged to state trooper Matt (Guinee) and seemingly happy until Paul Riggs (Boutsikaris) shows up. He has proof that Karen is actually his wife Emily who disappeared four years before, abandoning him and their daughter Jessica (Bugajski). So the confused Karen returns with Paul to try and remember what happened to her. She learns that she's actually disappeared twice before and the flashbacks Karen has of her past are terrifying. 89m/C VHS . Gail O'Grady, Dennis Boutsikaris, Tim Guinee, Monica Bugajski; D: David Burton Morris; W: David Chisholm; C: John L. (Ndiaga) Demps Jr. CABLE