The Three Faces of Eve

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The Three Faces of Eve ★★½ 1957

Emotionally disturbed Eve (Woodward) seeks the help of psychiatrist Dr. Luther (Cobb), who eventually discovers she has three distinct personalities: a downtrodden housewife, a party girl, and a well-educated, wellbalanced woman. So Luther decides to integrate all three into one Eve. Although Woodward gives a powerful performance, the film has dated badly, particularly the narration by Cooke, which gives the film a nowstilted air. Although the film is factbased, the story was deemed too implausible for the public to believe at the time without the assurances of the narrator. 91m/B VHS, DVD . Joanne Woodward, David Wayne, Lee J. Cobb, Nancy Kulp, Edwin Jerome, Vince Edwards; D: Nunnally Johnson; W: Nunnally Johnson; C: Stanley Cortez; M: Robert Emmett Dolan; Nar: Alistair Cooke. Oscars ‘57: Actress (Woodward); Golden Globes ‘58: Actress—Drama (Woodward).