Tainted 1998

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Tainted ★★½ 1998

Ever wonder what would happen if the guys from “Clerks” fell in with a bunch of vampires? Well, lucky you. Now you can find out. Video clerks Ryan and J.T. hitch a ride to the midnight movie with their new co-worker Alex, who just happens to be a vampire whose ex is shacking up with the new vamp in town, who wants to taint the city's blood supply with undead blood. Script has many laughs, lots of attitude, and plenty of pop-culture knowledge, but gets a bit windy at times. Sometimes the actors seem to to trying a little too hard, but it doesn't detract from the story. Filmed in Detroit with lots of excellent local product placement. 106m/C VHS . Dusan “Dean” Cechvala, Greg James, Sean Farley, Jason Brouwer, Tina Kapousis, Edward Zeimis, Robert St. Mary, Brian Evans; D: Brian Evans; W: Sean Farley; C: Brian Evans; M: Jessie McClear. VIDEO