Summer Holiday

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Summer Holiday ★★½ 1948

Rooney comes of age with a vengeance during summer vacation in musical rendition of “Ah, Wilderness.” Undistinguished musical numbers, inferior to the original, but jazzy Technicolor cinematography. Ended up in the red by over $1.5 million, lotsa money back then. ♫It's Our Home Town; Afraid to Fall in Love; All Hail, Danville High; The Stanley Steamer; It's Independence Day; I Think You're the Sweetest Kid I've Ever Known; Weary Blues. 92m/C VHS . Mickey Rooney, Gloria De Haven, Walter Huston, Frank Morgan, Jackie “Butch” Jenkins, Marilyn Maxwell, Agnes Moorehead, Selena Royle, Anne Francis; D: Rouben Mamoulian.