Summer Snow

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Summer Snow ★★ Nuiyan, Seisap; Woman, Forty 1994

Broad comedy mixed (not always successfully) with family drama. May (Siao) is forced to take in her father-in-law Sun (Chiao) after his wife dies. The old man immediately causes chaos with his habit of wandering off and bizarre behavior, which is finally diagnosed as being Alzheimer's disease. Working mother May tries to find a practical way to deal with her dilemmas but the strains are beginning to crack the family apart. Cantonese with subtitles. 106m/C VHS . HK Josephine Siao, Roy Chiao, Law Karying, Allen Ting; D: Ann Hui; W: Chan Mankeung; C: Mark Lee Ping-Bin; M: Yoshihide Otomo. Berlin Intl. Film Fest. ‘94: Actress (Siao).