Summer Stock

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Summer Stock ★★★ If You Feel Like Singing 1950

Garland plays farm owner Jane Falbury whose sister, Abigail (DeHaven) arrives with a summer stock troupe, led by Joe Ross (Kelly), to rehearse a show in the family barn. Jane agrees, if the troupe will help her with the farm's harvest. When Abigail decamps for New York, leaving the leading lady role open, guess who steps into the breach. Slim plot papered over with many fun song-and-dance numbers. Also features Garland's first MGM short, “Every Sunday,” made in 1936 with Deanna Durbin. ♫Friendly Star; Mem'ry Island; Dig-Dig-Dig For Your Dinner; If You Feel Like Singing, Sing; Howdy Neighbor; Blue Jean Polka; Portland Fancy; You, Wonderful You; Get Happy. 109m/ C VHS, DVD . Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Gloria De Haven, Carleton Carpenter, Eddie Bracken, Phil Silvers, Hans Conried, Marjorie Main, Ray Collins; D: Charles Walters; W: George Wells, Sy Gomberg.