Strouhal, Eugen

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STROUHAL, Eugen. Czech, b. 1931. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, Archaeology/Antiquities, History, Medicine/Health. Career: Charles University, Institute of Biology, Plzen, Czechoslovakia, assistant in medical faculty, 1957-60; Charles University, Prague, member of science staff at Czechoslovak Institute of Egyptology, 1961-68; National Museum, Prague, curator and member of science staff at Naprstek Museum, 1969-92; Charles University, Institute for the History of Medicine, professor and director, 1990-. Publications: Do srdce maretanske Sahary (title means: Into the Heart of the Mauritanian Sahara), 1974; Egyptian Mummies in Czechoslovak Collections, 1979; Setkani s Aljaskou (title means: Meeting with Alaska), 1981; Die anthropologische Untersuchung der C-Gruppen und Pan-Graeber- Skelette aus Sayala, Aegyptisch-Nubien (title means: The Anthropological Examination of the C-group and Pan-Grave Skeletons from Sayala, Egyptian Nubia), 1984; Wadi Qitna and Kalabsha-South: Late Roman-Early Byzantine Tumuli Cemeteries in Egyptian Nubia, Vol. I: Archaeology, 1984; Zivot starych Egyptanu (title means: Life of the Ancient Egyptians), 1989; Sedmkrat do Nubie, (title means: Seven Times to Nubia), 1989; Begegnungen mit Alaska (title means: Meetings with Alaska), 1990; Life in Ancient Egypt, 1992; Life of the Ancient Egyptians, 1992; Vivre au temps des pharaons (title means: Living in the Time of the Pharaohs), 1992; Secondary Cemetery in the Mastaba of Ptahshepses at Abusir, 1993. Address: Institute for the History of Medicine and Foreign Languages, Charles University, Katerinska 32, 121 08 Praha 2, Czech Republic. Online address: [email protected]