Stalker 1998

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Stalker ★½ Fatal Affair 1998 (R)

And what a very dumb, psychopathic stalker he is too. Family man Mack Maddox (Howell) is selected for jury duty and realizes that the murder victim is a woman with whom he had an affair. What's worse is the accused killer (Underwood) finds out that Maddox was involved with his wife and begins, well, stalking him and his family, even though Maddox has confessed his involvement to his wife and the cops. The plot never does make any sense and the flat performances don't help either. 93m/C VHS, DVD . CA C. Thomas Howell, Jay Underwood, Mark Camacho, Maxim Roy, Bryn McAuley; D: Marc S. Grenier; W: Michael Rauch; C: Georges Archambault; M: Normand Corbeil. VIDEO