Stalked 1999

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Stalked WOOf! 1999

Macedonian transplant Aleksandr (Ognenovski) wakes up to an American nightmare, finding himself the target of a small town's wrath when framed for murder. Mayhem ensues, but not without those forced moments of pathos, romance, and testosterone-infused male bonding. Writer/director/star Ognenovski retreads the formula from early Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Van Damme films: an outsider trapped in a hostile environment with only his wits and a few hundred rounds to protect him. Here, the cliches pile up faster than the body count. Add abysmal dialog, casting misfires (like the actor with a thick Russian accent playing the mayor of a small American town), and fight scenes rife with punches that don't connect, and we are in the presence of a potential Ed Wood for the action crowd. Sublime schlock, any way you slice it. 93m/C DVD . Jorgo Ognenovski, Meto Jovanovski, Lisa Marie Wilson; D: Jorgo Ognenovski; W: Jorgo Ognenovski, Mary Quijano; C: Ricardo Jacques Gale.