Soho Square

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Soho Square ★½ 2000 (R)

Meandering, low-budget, first-time effort from Rafn. A nameless detective (Biggs) is assigned to a serial killer case where the killer preys on young women in London's Soho district, setting them on fire. This detective may not have been the best choice since he's drinking too much and seeing visions of his dead wife. Then he meets Julia (Davenport), a woman who could be his dead wife's doppelganger, and she may be the big break in the case. 90m/C DVD . GB Lucy Davenport, Anthony Biggs, Livy Armstrong, Emma Poole, Sasha Lowenthal, Amanda Haberland, William Wilde; D: Jamie Rafn; W: Jamie Rafn; C: Brendan McGinty; M: Chris Read.