Slater, Jim

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SLATER, Jim. British, b. 1929. Genres: Children's fiction, Autobiography/ Memoirs. Career: Worked in an accounting firm, as an accountant and general manager for a metal finishing company in the early 1950s, as secretary for Park Royal Vehicles Ltd., mid-1950s, as director of A.E.C. Ltd., 1959, as deputy sales director of Leyland Motor Corp., 1963, and owner of the Children's Book Centre in Kensington, England. Slater Walker Securities Ltd., London, England, founder, managing director, 1964-75, chair, 1975- 1996; Salar Properties Ltd., chair, 1983-; author. Publications: NONFICTION: Return to Go: My Autobiography, 1977, new ed, 1978; The Zulu Principle, 1992; Investment Made Easy, 1994; Pep up Your Wealth, 1994; Beyond the Zulu Principle, 1996. JUVENILE FICTION: Goldenrod, 1978, new ed., 1981; Goldenrod and the Kidnappers, 1979, new ed, 1980; The Boy Who Saved Earth, 1979; Grasshopper and the Unwise Owl, 1979; Grasshopper and the Pickle Factory, 1980; The Boy Who Found Atlantis, 1980; Grasshopper and the Poisoned River, 1982. ROGER ROBOT SERIES: Roger the Robot at the Circus; Roger the Robot at the Safari Park; Roger the Robot at the Seaside; Roger the Robot Goes Fishing. A. MAZING MONSTER SERIES: The Great Gulper, 1979; Bignose, 1979; The Tricky Troggle, 1979; Dimmo, 1979; Webfoot, 1979; Greeneye, 1979; The Winkybird, 1979; Worm- ball, 1979; Snuggly, 1980; Kleenum, 1980; Swiggo, 1980; Big Snowy, 1980. Address: c/o BioProjects International PLC, 39 Cornhill, London EC3V 3RR, England.