Six of a Kind

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Six of a Kind ★★★ 1934

When Flora (Boland) and J. Pinkham Whinney (Ruggles) decide to drive to California for a second honeymoon, they advertise for another couple to share expenses. Unfortunately, it's Burns and Allen and their exceptionally large Great Dane that answer the ad. There's numerous complications, including bank clerk Whinney's being suspected of embezzlement, prompting Sheriff “Honest John” Hoxley (Fields) to go after the supposed criminals. Veteran comedy performers make this one a delight. 63m/B VHS, DVD . Charlie Ruggles, Mary Boland, Gracie Allen, George Burns, W.C. Fields, Alison Skipworth; D: Leo McCarey; W: Walter DeLeon, Harry Ruskin; C: Henry Sharp; M: Ralph Rainger.