Six Ways to Sunday

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Six Ways to Sunday ★★ 1999 (R)

Weird mob drama about a hitman and his Oedipal relationship with mom. Passive, repressed teenager, Harry Odum (Reedus), lives with his domineering mother, Kate (Harry), who controls his life. That is, until Harry assists his hoodlum buddy Arnie (Brody) with a job and manages to impress Arnie's boss, Mr. Varga (Adler). Since Harry turns out to have a latent talent for violence, he's soon elevated to hit man—although mom's still a problem. Based on the 1962 novel “Portrait of a Young Man Drowning” by Charles Perry. 97m/C VHS, DVD . Norman Reedus, Deborah Harry, Adrien Brody, Jerry Adler, Peter Appel, Elina Lowensohn, Isaac Hayes, Anna Thomson, David Ross; D: Adam Bernstein; W: Adam Bernstein, Marc Gerald; C: John Inwood; M: Theodore Shapiro.