Six-String Samurai

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Six-String Samurai ★★ 1998 (PG-13)

In 1957 the USSR bombs and assumes control of the U.S., and Las Vegas is the only safe haven of freedom. Forty years later, a rock musician/samurai is on an odyssey across the desert to replace the recently deceased Elvis as king of the neon city; challenging his quest is another guitar-slinger, Death (Gauger), and his cronies. Our hero Buddy (played by martial artist Falcon as a cross between Buddy Holly and Yojimbo) and his sidekick The Kid (McGuire) must face all the bad guys we've come to expect in a post-apocalyptic adventure. Filled with campy dialogue and well-staged Hong Kong-style action (directed by Falcon), basically all the makings of a good midnight movie, but it doesn't quite come together. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Jeffrey Falcon, Justin McGuire, Stephane Gauger, John Sakisian; D: Lance Mungia; W: Lance Mungia, Jeffrey Falcon; C: Kristian Bernier; M: Brian Tyler.