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Sisters of the Gion ★★ Gion No Shimai 1936

Story follows two geisha sisters, illuminating the plight of women in Japan. Elder sister Umekichi is traditional and dependent on her patrons while her modern younger sister Omocha exploits her customers as much as possible. But no matter the difference in their attitudes, both remain trapped by circumstances. Adapted from the novel “Yama” by Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. Japanese with subtitles. 66m/B VHS . JP Isuzu Yamada, Yoko Umemura, Eitaro Shindo, Benkei Shiganoya; D: Kenji Mizoguchi; W: Kenji Mizoguchi, Yoshikata Yoda; C: Minoru Miki.

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Sisters of the Gion

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