Sisters of Christian Doctrine, Martyrs of, Bb.

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Angeles Lloret Martí and companions; religious of the Institute of Sisters of Christian Doctrine; d. Paterna, Valencia, Spain, September to November 1936; beatified Oct. 1, 1995, by Pope John Paul II.

The third decade of the twentieth century in Spain was characterized by a social and political turmoil and antagonism toward the Catholic Church. The Sisters of the Institute of Christian Doctrine, founded by Mother Micaela Grau in 1880, devoted themselves to teaching catechism even in the midst of the difficult political climate. Dedicated to evangelization, the sisters followed the poor Christ by living in poverty and working arduously to alleviate the anguish of the poor.

While some of the sisters had been able to take refuge with their relatives, others who had no families, the elderly sisters, and their caretakers remained in the Mother House. The sisters who remained kept correspondence with the dispersed sisters during years 1931 to 1936, which intensified in the latter months. These letters witness that they were conscious of the events happening and the imminent danger.

On July 19, 1936, they were forced to abandon the Mother House in Valencia. They remained a community led by Mother Angeles de San José and supported one another. Mother Amparo Rosat and Sister María del Calvario were executed on Sept. 26, 1936, having been incarcerated at Carlet. During the month preceding their death, the sisters continued to trust in God and do works of charity, even knitting jerseys for their captors. On Nov. 20, 1936, a bus came to collect the sisters, ultimately taking them to their death. They are:

Angeles (Francisca D. H. Lloret Martí), superior general; b. Villajoyosa, Alicante, Jan. 16, 1875.

María del Safragio (Antonia María del Sufragio Orts Baldó); b. Altea, Alicante, Feb. 9, 1888; vicar general and novice mistress.

María de Montserrat (María Dolores Llimona Planas), b. Molins de Rey, Barcelona, Nov. 2, 1860; superior general from 1892 to 1931; advisor general in 1936.

María Teresa de San José (Ascensión Duart y Roig);b. Benifayó, Valencia, May 20, 1876; novice mistress and local superior of the Generalate when the revolution broke out.

Isabel (Isabel Ferrer Sabriá); b. Vilanova y la Geltrú, Barcelona, Nov. 15, 1852. Inspired by the ideals of the foundress Mother Micaela, she collaborated in the foundation of the Institute.

Amparo (Teresa Rosat Balasch); b. Mislata, Valencia, Oct. 15, 1873. Superior of the Colegio de Carlet, Valencia; martyred with María del Calvario on September 26, in the station at Llosa de Ranes, Valencia.

María de la Asunción (Josefa Mangoché Homs); b. Ulldecona, Tarragona, July 12, 1859.

María Concepción (Emilia Martí Lacal); b. Carlet, Valencia, Nov. 9, 1861.

María Gracia (Paula de San Antonio); b. Valencia, June 1, 1869.

Corazón de Jesús (María Purificación Gómez Vives); b. Valencia, Feb. 6, 1881.

María del Socorro (Teresa Jiménez Baldoví); b. San Martín de Provençal, Barcelona, March 13, 1885.

María Dolores (Gertrudis Suris Brusola); b. Barcelona, Jan. 17, 1899.

Ignacia del Santísimo Sacramento (Josefa Pascual Pallardó); b. Valencia, 1862.

María del Calvario (Josefa Romero Clariana); b. Carlet, Valencia, April 11, 1871.

María del Rosario (Catalina Calpe Ibáñez); b. Sueca, Valencia, Nov. 25, 1855.

María de la Paz (María Isabel López García); b. Turía, Valencia, Aug. 12, 1885.

Marcela de Santo Tomás (Aurea Navarro); b. Provincia de Albacete; a novice.

Feast: November 20.

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