Sichrovsky, Peter

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SICHROVSKY, Peter. Austrian, b. 1947. Genres: Sociology, Plays/ Screenplays. Career: Chemistry teacher, Vienna, Austria, 1973-74; held management positions in the pharmaceutical industry, 1974-80; freelance writer and journalist, 1980-86; Maenner-Vogue ("Vogue for Men"), Munich, Germany, editor-in-chief, 1986-; FPOE, Secretary general, 2000-03. Publications: Wir Wissen Nicht Was Morgen Wird, wir wissen wohl was gestern war, 1985, trans. by J. Steinberg as Strangers in Their Own Land: Young Jews in Germany and Austria Today, 1987; Schuldig geboren, 1987, trans. by Steinberg as Born Guilty: Children of Nazi Families, 1988; The Supper (play), 1989; Seelentrainig, 1989; Kinder Abrahams, 1990, trans. by Steinberg as Abraham's Children: Israel's Young Generation, 1991; Mein Freund David (children's book; title means: My Friend David), 1991; Unheilbar Deutsch, 1993, produced as a play under the title Incurable German; Die Kobrafalle (children's book), 1994. Author of books about the pharmaceutical industry. Contributor to periodicals. Address: EU-Buro der FPO, Schenkenstrasse 8/5, 1017 Vienna, Austria. Online address: [email protected]