Shut Up and Kiss Me

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Shut Up and Kiss Me ★★ 2005

Harmless, unremarkable romantic romp with best buds Ryan (Barnes) and Pete (Rowe) who see their 20s in the rearview mirror when true love finally catches up to them—at the same time. The serious Ryan gets plowed over—literally—by Jessica (Richardson) while Pete is in over his head with Tiara (Allen), whose protective mobster uncle (Young) isn't too keen about the surfer dude. 101m/C DVD . Christopher Daniel Barnes, Krista Allen, Brad Rowe, Burt Young, Kristin Richardson, John Capodice, Victoria Jackson, Frank Bonner, Yelba Osorio, Kevin Meaney; D: Gary Brockette; W: Alden “Steve” Chase, Howard Flamm; C: Jacques Haitkin; M: Andrew Gross. VIDEO