Shuter, Jane Margaret

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SHUTER, Jane Margaret

SHUTER, Jane Margaret. Zambian, b. 1955. Genres: History. Career: Teacher at schools in England, 1977-83; freelance editor and layout person, 1987-; writer, 1989-; educational advisor for Hamlyn. Publications: The Ancient Egyptians, 1990; (with P. Taylor) Invaders and Settlers, 1991; (with F. Reynoldson) Sunshine History Readers (36 titles), 1991; (with J. Maguire) Tudor and Stuart Times, 1992; Victorian Britain, 1992; Tudor Times, 1995; Shakespeare and the Theatre, 1995; The Poor on Tudor England, 1995; Life in a Tudor Town, 1995; Victorian Children, 1995; Tudor Children, 1996; Tudor Explorations, 1996; The Tudor Countryside, 1996. EYEWITNESS, SECOND SERIES (editor and note writer): Exquemlin and the Pirates of the Caribbean, 1993; Charles Ball and American Slavery, 1993; Parkman and the Plains Indians, 1993. EYEWITNESS, FIRST SERIES (editor and note writer): Edmund Ludlow and the English Civil War, 1994; Helen Williams and the French Revolution, 1994; Sarah Royce and the American West, 1994; Christabel Bielenberg and Nazi Germany, 1994. Address: 30 Portland Rd., Oxford OX2 7EY, England.