The Seventh Dawn

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The Seventh Dawn ★★ 1964

Cliched adventure romance set in Malaysia in 1945. Guerrilla fighter Ferris (Holden) decides to become a landowner and stay on with mistress Dhana (Capucine) after the war. Ferris's old buddy Ng (Tamba) takes off for Moscow and returns indoctrinated and determined to convert the country to Communism. Ng and his fighters exclude Ferris from their attacks until British governor Trumphrey (Goodliffe) accuses Dhana of treason and threatens to execute her. So Ferris has to get Ng or risk Dhana. The young York plays Candace, the governor's daughter who has a crush on Ferris and helps him out. Based on the novel “The Durian Tree” by Michael Koen. 123m/C VHS . GB US William Holden, Capucine, Susannah York, Tetsuro Tamba, Michael Goodliffe, Allan Cuthbertson, Maurice Denham, Beulah Quo; D: Lewis Gilbert; W: Karl Tunberg; C: Frederick A. (Freddie) Young; M: Riz Ortolani.