The Seven Hills of Rome

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The Seven Hills of Rome ★★½ 1958

Quiet story of a TV star (Lanza) who follows his girlfriend (Castle) to Rome after a lovers' quarrel, and there falls in love with Allasio. Fantastic music makes up for a weak plot. Based on a story by Giueseppi Amato. ♫Arrivederci Roma; Seven Hills of Rome; Never Till Now; Earthbound; Come Dance With Me; Lolita; There's Gonna Be a Party Tonight; Italian Calypso; Questa o Quella. 107m/C VHS . Mario Lanza, Peggy Castle, Renato Rascel, Marisa Allasio, Clelia Matania, Rosella Como; D: Roy Rowland; W: Giorgio Prosperi, Art Cohn; M: Georgie Stoll.