The Shadow 1994

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The Shadow ★★½ 1994 (PG-13)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Why “The Shadow” of course, as is shown in this highly stylized big screen version of the '30s radio show that once starred Orson Welles. Billionaire playboy Lamont Cranston (Baldwin) is a master of illusion and defender of justice thanks to his alter ego. Aided by companion Margo Lane (Miller), da Shadow battles supercriminal Shiwan Khan (Lone), the deadliest descendant of Ghenghis Khan. Numerous and elaborate special effects provide icing on the cake for those in the mood for a journey back to the radio past or a quick superhero fix. 112m/C VHS, DVD . Sab Shimono, Alec Baldwin, John Lone, Penelope Ann Miller, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellen, Tim Curry, Jonathan Winters, Andre Gregory, James Hong, Joseph Maher, John Kapelos, Max Wright, Aaron Lustig, Ethan Phillips, Larry Joshua, Al Leong, Abraham Benrubi, Armin Shimerman, Steve Hytner, Kate McGregor-Stewart; D: Russell Mulcahy; W: David Koepp; C: Stephen Burum; M: Jerry Goldsmith.