The Shadow Riders

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The Shadow Riders ★★ Louis L'Amour's “The Shadow Riders” 1982 (PG)

Two brothers who fought on opposite sides during the Civil War return home to find their brother's fiancee kidnapped by a renegade Confederate officer who plans to use her as ransom in a prisoner exchange. They set out to rescue the woman. Preceded by “The Sacketts” and based on the works of Louis L'Amour. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Ben Johnson, Katharine Ross, Jeffery Osterhage, Gene Evans, R.G. Armstrong, Marshall Teague, Dominique Dunne, Jeanetta Arnette; D: Andrew V. McLaglen; W: Jim Byrnes; C: Jack Whitman; M: Jerrold Immel. TV