Seven Seconds

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Seven Seconds ★ 2005 (R)

Snipes' career isn't helped by this confusing and lackluster actioner. Professional thief Jack Tolliver (Snipes) and his crew are after an armored car when a rival gang shows up to steal a Van Gogh that's also inside. During the melee, Jack gets away with the painting but most of his crew are dead, except for one who has been taken as a hostage. Now he must rescue his partner, aided or hindered by NATO cop Kelly Anders (Outhwaite). 90m/C DVD, UMD . US Wesley Snipes, Pete LeeWilson, Dhobi Oparei, Georgina Rylance, Tamzin Outhwaite, Serge Soric; D: Serge Soric; W: Simon Fellows; C: Michael Slovis; M: Barry Taylor. VIDEO