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Second Skin ★★ Segunda Piel 1999

Selfcentered engineer Alberto (Molla) is married to the loving Elena (Gil) but is mis erable. He hates his job even though he's successful and is terrified that his wife will discover he's been unfaithful—with doctor Diego (Bardem) who doesn't know Alberto is even married. When Elena does find out, Alberto swears he's broken off the relationship but he's lying and his security continues to crumble since he won't make a choice between either of his lovers. Molla's a diappointment since it's not clear what either lover or wife sees in him but Bardem and Gil make up for his shortcomings. Spanish with subtitles. 104m/C VHS, DVD . SP Javier Bardem, Jordi Molla, Ariadna Gil, Cecilia (Celia) Roth, Javier Albala, Mercedes Sampietro, Adrian Sac; D: Gerardo Vera; W: Angeles GonzalezSinde; C: Julio Madurga; M: Roque Banos.