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Screwed Woof! 2000 (PG-13)

Chauffeur MacDonald tries kidnapping his mean boss's dog for ransom but things get screwed up so badly that the boss thinks it's the chauffeur that's been kidnapped. Lame physical and gross-out “comedy” ensues. Just who the title refers to is never made clear, but it seems like it's the producers, who had to pay the actors and writer/directors for this, ahem, dog. DeVito is the only one on screen who seems to know what he's doing, and Alexander and Karaszewski look to be cashing in on some far superior prior screenwriting work. 82m/C VHS, DVD . Norm MacDonald, Elaine Stritch, Danny DeVito, Dave Chappelle, Daniel Benzali, Sherman Hemsley, Malcolm Stewart; D: Scott M. Alexander, Larry Karaszewski; W: Scott M. Alexander, Larry Karaszewski; C: Robert Brinkmann; M: Michel Colombier.

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