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Score Woof! 1995

If you've seen “Hard Boiled,” “City on Fire,” or “Reservoir Dogs,” then you can skip this one. Chance (Ozawa) is released from prison and forced to return to work for his old crime boss. Chance recruits three other thieves to rip off a jewelry store. Following the robbery, distrust sets in amongst the crooks and a pair of hitchhikers interfere with their getaway plans. Borrows liberally from the films mentioned above and is never exciting or engaging. Instead, it's morally ambiguous and boring. Also, this film features some of the thinnest and reddest blood ever seen in a movie. 94m/C DVD . JP Hitoshi Ozawa, Osamu Ebara, Ryuuji Minakami, Kazuyoshi Ozawa, Miyuki Takano, Masahiro Yamashita; D: Atsushi Muroga.