Sato, Hiroaki

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SATO, Hiroaki

SATO, Hiroaki. Japanese, b. 1942. Genres: Poetry, Translations. Career: Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), NYC, joined in 1969, associate director, 1980-84, became deputy director, 1984, director of research and planning, 1991-. Poet, editor, and translator. Publications: One Hundred Frogs, 1983; The Sword and the Mind, 1985; Eigo Haiku (essays; title means: Haiku in English), 1987; That First Time, 1988; Manhattan Culture School (collected columns), 1990; Manhattan Bungaku Mampo (essays), 1992; America Hon'yaku Musha Shugyo (essays), 1993; Legends of the Samurai, 1994; Nani ga yakusenai ka (title means: What Can't Be Translated), 1994; The Village Beyond: Poems of Nobuko Kimura, 2002; Santoka, 2002; Howling at the Moon: Poems and Prose of Hagiwara Sakutaro, 2002; My Friend Hitler and Other Plays of Yukio Mishima, 2002. TRANSLATIONS: Poems of Princess Shikishi, 1973; Ten Japanese Poets, 1973; Spring & Asura: Poems of Kenji Miyazawa, 1973; Anthology of Modern Japanese Poets, 1973; Mutsuo Takahashi: Poems of a Penisist, 1975; Lilac Garden: Poems of Minoru Yoshioka, 1976; Howling at the Moon: Poems of Hagiwara Sakutaro, 1978; See You Soon: Poems of Taeko Tomioko, 1979; Chieko and Other Poems of Takamura Kotaro, 1980; M. Takahashi, A Bunch of Keys: Selected Poems, 1984; M. Kenji, A Future of Ice: Poems and Stories of a Japanese Buddhist, 1989; G. Yoshimasu, Osiris: The God of Stone, 1989; M. Young, Ho wa Nichibei o Hedateru ka (title means: Legal Systems of Japan and the United States and Their Social Implications), 1989; J. Ashbery, Nami Hitotsu (title means: A Wave), 1991; A Brief History of Imbecility: Poetry and Prose of Takamura Kotaro, 1992; Mutsuo Takahashi: Sleeping Sinning Falling, 1992; String of Beads: Complete Poems of Princess Shikishi, 1993; Right under the Big Sky, I Don't Wear a Hat: The Haiku and Prose of Hosai Ozaki, 1993; Basho's Narrow Road, 1996; Voice Garden: Poems of Mutsuo Takahashi, 1996; Breeze through Bamboo: Kanshi of Ema Saiko, 1997; R. Koyanagi, Rabbit of the Nether World, 1999; Not a Metaphor: Poems of Kazue Shinkawa, 1999; The Girl Who Turned into Tea: Poems of Minako Nagashima, 2000. EDITOR & TRANSLATOR WITH B. WATSON: From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of Japanese Poetry, 1981. Contributor to encyclopedias. Contributor of articles and reviews to periodicals. Address: JETRO, 1221 Ave of the Americas, New York, NY 10020, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]