Satter, Gustav

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Satter, Gustav

Satter, Gustav, Austrian pianist and composer; b. Rann, Slovenia, Feb. 12, 1832; d. place and date unknown. He studied in Vienna and Paris. He undertook a pianistic tour in the U.S. and Brazil (1854–60) with surprising success; went back to Paris, where Berlioz warmly praised his music. He then lived in Vienna, Dresden, Hannover, and Stockholm.


Olanthe, opera; 3 overtures: Lorelei, Julius Caesar, and An die Freude; 2 syms.; George Washington, symphonic poem; much chamber music; 3 sonatas, studies, waltzes, etc., for piano; about 160 opus numbers in all.


Anonymous (most likely Satter), The Life and Works of G. S. (Macon, Ga., 1879).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire