Sally of the Sawdust

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Sally of the Sawdust ★★½ 1925

Fields's first silent feature; he is carnival barker Professor Eustace McGargle who's the guardian of orphaned Sally (Dempster). Then Sally's wealthy grandfather (Alderson), a stern judge, becomes determined to claim her from showbiz lowlifes. Fields gets to demonstrate his talent for juggling, conning customers, and car chasing. Interesting movie caught director Griffith on the decline and Fields on the verge of stardom. Remade as a talkie in 1936 entitled “Poppy.” Includes musical score. 113m/B VHS, DVD . W.C. Fields, Carol Dempster, Erville Alderson; D: D.W. Griffith; W: Forrest Halsey; C: Harry Fischbeck, H. Sintzenich.