Roy, Archie E.

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ROY, Archie E.

ROY, Archie E. (Archibald Edmiston Roy). British, b. 1924. Genres: Novels, Astronomy, Paranormal. Career: Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, and Hon. Sr. Research Fellow, University of Glasgow, since 1989 (Lecturer, 1958-66; Sr. Lecturer, 1966-73; Reader, 1973-77; Professor, 1977-89). Coed., Vistas in Astronomy, since 1983. Science Teacher, Shawlands Academy, Glasgow, 1954-58. Publications: Great Moments in Astronomy, 1963; The Foundations of Astrodynamics, 1965; Deadlight, 1968; (trans.) Concise Encyclopedia of Astronautics, 1968; The Curtained Sleep, 1969; All Evil Shed Away, 1970; Sable Night, 1973; The Dark Host, 1976; (with D. Clarke) Astronomy: Principles and Practice, 1977; (with D. Clarke) Astronomy: Structure of the Universe, 1977; Orbital Motion, 1978; Devil in the Darkness, 1978; A Sense of Something Strange, 1990; Archives of the Mind, 1996. EDITOR: Long-Term Behaviour of Natural and Artificial N-Body Systems, 1988; Chaos, Stability and Predictability in N-Body Systems, 1991; The Universe, vol 8, O.U.P. Illustrated Encyclopedia, 1993; From Newton to Chaos, 1994. Address: Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland.