Roxburgh, Edwin

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Roxburgh, Edwin (b Liverpool, 1937). Eng. composer, cond., and oboist. Prin. oboist, SW Opera Orch. 1964–7. Prof. of comp. and dir. 20th cent. dept., RCM, from 1967. Cond. and dir. 20th-Cent. Ens. of London. Works incl.:BALLET: The Tower (1964).ORCH.: Variations (1963); Montage (1977); 7 Tableaux, tpt. conc. (1979); Prelude (1981); Saturn (1982); Serenata (1983); Tamesis, chamber orch. (1983).VOICE(S) & INSTR(S).: Recitative after Blake, cont., str. orch. (or str. quintet) (1961–7); Night Music, sop., orch. (1969); How Pleasant to Know Mr Lear, narr., chamber orch. (1971); A Scottish Fantasy, sop., vn., str. (1973); A Portrait of e. e. cummings, male and female narr., vn., orch. (1974).CHORAL: The Rock, oratorio, SATB soloists, ch., children's ch., orch. (1979).UNACC. VOICES: Westron Wynde, ten., bar., ch. (1961); Christ is risen (1982); A Passiontide Carol (1982); Et vitam venturi saeculi (1983); Pianto (1985).ENSEMBLE: & sum & silence, ten., pf., perc. (1965); Ecclissi, ob., vn., va., vc. (1971); Dithyramb II, pf., 3 perc. (1972); Convolutions, sop., ten., alto fl., ob. d'amore, bn., hpd. (1974); Hexham Tropes, ob., ob. d'amore, bn., hpd. (1979); Elegy, ob., fl., cl., vn., vc., perc. (1982).CHAMBER MUS.: quartet, fl., cl., vn., vc. (1964); Images, ob., pf. (1967); Partita, vc. (1970); Dithyramb I, cl., perc. (1972); Constellations, rec. ob. (1973); Nebula I, cl. choir (1974), II, wind quintet (1974); Circling the Circlings …, vc., pf. (1977); At the Still Point of the Turning World, amp. ob., elec. (1978); wind quintet No.2 (1983); quartet, fl., str. (1984); Shadow-play, 2 ob., ca. (1984); Flute Music, fl., pf. (1986); Antares, ob., pf. (1988); 4 Soliloquies, va. d'amore (1988); Voyager, 3 ob., 3 ca., 3 bn. (1989).PIANO: Introduction and Arabesques (1963); Labyrinth (1970); 6 Études (1980).