Rhapsody in Blue

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Rhapsody in Blue ★★★ 1945

Standard Hollywood biography of the great composer features whitewashed and non-existent characters to deal with the spottier aspects of George Gershwin's life. Still, the music is the main attraction and it doesn't disappoint. ♫Rhapsody in Blue; Concerto in F; The Cuban Overture; Fascinatin' Rhythm; The Man I Love; Yankee Doodle Blues; Somebody Loves Me; Swanee; Mine. 139m/B VHS . Robert Alda, Joan Leslie, Alexis Smith, Charles Coburn, Julie Bishop, Albert Bassermann, Morris Carnovsky, Rosemary DeCamp, Herbert Rudley, Charles Halton, Robert Shayne, Johnny Downs, Al Jolson; D: Irving Rapper; W: Howard Koch; M: Max Steiner, Ira Gershwin.

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