Red Dust

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Red Dust ★★★ 1932

Dennis Carson (Gable) is the overseer of a rubber plantation in Indochina who causes all kinds of trouble when he falls in love with an engineer's (Raymond) new wife, Barbara (Astor). Harlow's the tart Vantine also interested in the big lug. Filled with freespirited humor and skillfully directed; remarkably original. Remade in 1940 as “Congo Maisie” and Gable did his own remake with 1954's “Mogambo,” co-starring Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. 83m/B VHS . Tully Marshall, Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Mary Astor, Gene Raymond, Donald Crisp; D: Victor Fleming; W: John Lee Mahin. Natl. Film Reg. '06.