Rapson, Richard L.

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RAPSON, Richard L.

RAPSON, Richard L. American, b. 1937. Genres: History, Intellectual history, Sex, Social commentary, Social commentary. Career: University of Hawaii, Honolulu, professor of history, 1966-, director of New College, 1970-73. Publications: Britons View Americans: Travel Commentary 1860- 1935, 1971; The Pursuit of Meaning: America 1600-2000, 1977; Denials of Doubt: An Interpretation of American History, 1978; Fairly Lucky You Live Hawaii!: Cultural Pluralism in the Fiftieth State, 1980, American Yearnings: Love, Money, and Endless Possibility, 1988; (with E. Hatfield) Love, Sex, and Intimacy: Their Psychology, Biology, and History, 1993; (with E. Hatfield) Emotional Contagion, 1994; (with E. Hatfield) Love and Sex: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, 1996; (with E. Hatfield) Rosie, 2000. EDITOR: Individualism and Conformity in the American Character, 1967; The Cult of Youth in Middle-Class America, 1971; (gen. and contrib) The Literature of History, 1971. Address: Dept. of History, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 96822, U.S.A.