Quandt, Richard (Emeric)

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QUANDT, Richard (Emeric)

QUANDT, Richard (Emeric). American (born Hungary), b. 1930. Genres: Economics. Career: Princeton University, member of the faculty, 1956-, Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics, 1976-95, Andrew W Mellon Foundation, senior adviser, 1990-. Publications: (with J. Henderson) Micro- economic Theory: Mathematical Approach, 1958, 3rd ed., 1980; (with W. Thorp), The New Inflation, 1959; (with B. Malkiel) Strategies and Rational Decisions in the Securities Options Market, 1969; (with S. S. Goldfeld) Nonlinear Methods in Econometrics, 1972; (with P. Asch) Racetrack Betting: The Professors' Guide to Strategies, 1986; (with H.S. Rosen) The Conflict between Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Theories, 1988; The Econometrics of Disequilibrium, 1988; The Collected Articles of Richard E. Quondt, 1992. EDITOR: The Demand for Travel: Theory and Measurement, 1970; Studies in Nonlinear Estimation, 1976; (co) Prices, Competition, and Equilibrium, 1986; (with R. Ekman) Technology and Scholarly Communication, 1999; (with A. Lass) Library Automation in Transitional Societies: Lessons from Eastern Europe, 2000; The Changing Landscape in Eastern Europe: Personal Reflections on Philanthropy and Technology Transfer, 2002. Address: Dept of Economics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544-1021, U.S.A.