The Prizefighter and the Lady

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The Prizefighter and the Lady ★★★ Every Woman's Man 1933

In his first film role boxer Baer (who won the heavyweight boxing crown in 1934) is a natural as a fighter who falls for a beautiful nightclub singer (Loy). Baer and Loy get, but don't stay, together but she does turn out to be his lucky charm in the big fight finale. Fellow professional boxer Carnera, Baer's opponent in the climatic fight scene, refused to lose as the script indi cated and the film ending was eventually rewritten. The likeable Baer later earned his living as an actor. 102m/B Max Baer Sr., Myrna Loy, Otto Kruger, Primo Carnera, Walter Huston, Vince Barnett, Muriel Evans; D: Woodbridge S. Van Dyke.

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The Prizefighter and the Lady

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