The Prisoner of Shark Island

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The Prisoner of Shark Island ★★½ 1936

Dr. Samuel Mudd (Baxter) is wrongly convicted of conspiring to assassinate President Lincoln after he unwittingly sets the broken leg of assassin John Wilkes Booth (McDonald). He's sent to the titular island where Mudd cares for the inmates and guards, saving many during a yellow fever epidemic. Thanks to his heroism, Mudd's case is then reopened. Baxter elicits audience sympathy without overplaying his role. 86m/B DVD . Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart, Claude Gillingwater, Frank McGlynn, Francis McDonald, Harry Carey Sr., John Carradine, Fred Kohler Jr., Douglas Wood, Paul Fix; D: John Ford; W: Nunnally Johnson; C: Bert Glennon.

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The Prisoner of Shark Island

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