The Prisoner 1990

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The Prisoner ★★ Jackie Chan Is the Prisoner; Huo Shao Dao 1990 (R)

Even though the cover of this bizarre import says “Jackie Chan Is The Prisoner,” he doesn't even show up for the first 20 minutes or so. Actually, the film is something of an ensemble piece that cheerfully borrows from American prison movies (most blatantly “Cool Hand Luke”) between action scenes. The freewheeling plot has Jackie, Sammo Hung, and Tony Leung battling fellow prisoners and corrupt officials. 94m/ C DVD . HK Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Tony Leung KaFai; D: Yen Ping Chu; W: Fu Lai, Yeh Yuen Chiao; C: Chan Wing Su; M: Eckart Seeber.

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The Prisoner 1990

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