Prewitt, Kenneth

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PREWITT, Kenneth

PREWITT, Kenneth. American, b. 1936. Genres: Politics/Government. Career: University of Chicago, Professor of Political Science and Director, National Opinion Research Center; Social Science Research Council, President; Rockefeller Foundation, NYC, Sr. Vice-President; U.S. Census Bureau, director, 1998-2001; New School University, Dean, Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, 2001-. Publications: (with Eliot, Chambers, and Salisbury) American Government: Readings and Problems for Analysis, 1965; (with Knowles) Institutional Racism in America, 1969; (with Dawson) Political Socialization, 1969; Recruitment of Political Leaders, 1970; Education and Political Values: Essays on East Africa, 1971; (with H. Eulau) Labyrinths of Democracy: Adaptations, Linkages, Representation, and Policies in Urban Politics, 1973; (with A. Stone) Elites and American Democracy, 1973; (with S. Verba and R. Salisbury) Introduction to American Government, 1977, 6th ed., 1991. Address: Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science, New School University, 65 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.