Pickover, Clifford A.

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PICKOVER, Clifford A.

PICKOVER, Clifford A. American, b. 1957. Genres: Information science/ Computers, Sciences, Art/Art history, Technology, Philosophy, Mathematics/ Statistics. Career: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, research staff member, 1982-; writer, 1990-; Discover Magazine, Brain- Boggler columnist, 1995-. Recipient of patents for computer accessories and methodologies. Computer graphics have been featured in exhibitions and on magazine covers. Publications: Computers, Pattern, Chaos, and Beauty: Graphics from an Unseen World, 1990; Computers and the Imagination: Visual Adventures beyond the Edge, 1991; Mazes for the Mind: Computers and the Unexpected, 1992; Chaos in Wonderland: Visual Adventures In A Fractal World, 1994; Keys to Infinity, 1995; Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide, 1996. EDITOR: (with I. Hargittai) Spiral Symmetry, 1992; Visions of the Future: Art, Technology, and Computing in the Next Century, 1993; (with S. Tweksbury) Frontiers of Scientific visualization, 1994; The Pattern Book: Fractal, Nature, and Art, 1995; Future Health, 1995; Visualizing Biological Information, 1995; Fractal Horizons, 1996; The Loom of God, 1997; The Alien IQ Test, 1997. Contributor of articles to periodicals. Address: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, U.S.A.