Peterkiewicz, Jerzy

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PETERKIEWICZ, Jerzy. British (born Poland), b. 1916. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Poetry, Literary criticism and history. Career: Professor of Polish Language and Literature, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, 1964- (Lecturer, 1950-64). Publications: Prowincja, 1936; Wiersze i poematy, 1938; Sami swoi, 1949; The Knotted Cord, 1953; Loot and Loyalty, 1955; Future to Let, 1958; Isolation: A Novel in 5 Acts, 1959; The Quick and the Dead, 1961; That Angel Burning at My Left Side, 1963; Poematy londynskie i wiersze przedwojenne, 1965; Inner Circle, 1966; Green Flows the Bile, 1969; The Other Side of Silence: The Poet at the Limits of Language, 1970; The Third Adam, 1975; Kula magic- zna (Poems 1934-1952), 1980; Poezje wybrane (Selected Poems), 1986; Literatura polska w perspektywie europejskiej (Polish Literature in Its European Context; essays translated from English), 1986; Messianic Prophecy, 1991; In the Scales of Fate, An Autobiography, 1993; The Place Within: The Poetry of Pope John Paul II, 1994; Slowa sa bez poreczy (Poems 1935-1956), 1998; Metropolitan Idyll, 1998; Poezje-Poems by Karol Wojtyla, 1998. EDITOR: Polish Prose and Verse, 1956. TRANSLATOR: K. Wojtyla, Easter Vigil, 1979; K. Wojtyla, Collected Poems, 1982. EDITOR & TRANSLATOR: Antologia liryki angielskiej, 1958; (with B. Singer) Five Centuries of Polish Poetry 1450-1950, 1960, rev. ed. (with J. Stallworthy) as Five Centuries of Polish Poetry 1450-1970, 1970; ; Cyprian Norwid: Poems, Letters, Drawings, 2000. Address: 7 Lyndhurst Terr, London NW3 5QA, England.

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