P.D. James: The Murder Room

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P.D. James: The Murder Room ★★½ The Murder Room 2004

A macabre family legacy leads to murder and other crimes. London's Dupayne Museum houses exhibits from some of Britain's most gruesome real-life homicides. When Neville (Maloney), one of the Dupayne heirs, dies in a terrible fire, Adam Dalgleish (Shaw) investigates and discovers that the killing is similar to a notorious case on display. But there are also family secrets the remaining Dupaynes don't want exposed. 180m/C DVD . GB Martin Shaw, Samantha Bond, Michael Maloney, Nicholas Le Prevost, Sian Phillips, Kerry Fox, Janie Dee; D: Diarmuid Lawrence; W: Robert C. Jones; C: Simon Richards; M: John Lunn. TV