P.D. James: Death in HolyOrders

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P.D. James: Death in HolyOrders ★★½ Death in Holy Orders 2003

When murder and suicide overtake St. Anselm's, a remote theological college, one victim's wealthy father pressures Scotland Yard to investigate. Adam Dalgleish (Shaw), who spent childhood summers at the school, is sent and discovers that the Church of England wishes to close the school, and Archdeacon Matthew Crampton (Wood) is particularly interested in seeing that its valuable art works have more suitable settings. What the widowed Dalgleish doesn't expect to encounter is potential romance with visiting professor Emma Lavenham (Dee). 180m/C DVD . GB Martin Shaw, Jesse Spencer, Alan Howard, Clive Wood, Hugh Fraser, Robert Hardy, Janie Dee; D: John Campbell; W: Robert C. Jones; C: Martin Fuhrer; M: Julian Nott. TV